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All Kids Can Swim Visual Aids are supported by the 

Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association

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Visual aids help many children learn to swim, and feel more comfortable in classes.

More and more research in early childhood is determining the need for diverse teaching methods. This is why All Kids Can Swim have developed a unique set of visual aids for swimming coaches, teachers or even parents to use to assist children aged 3-12 years learn the techniques or swimming and water safety.

Visual aids are particularly useful for children from non-English speaking backgrounds, diagnosed with autism or asperger's, children with hearing difficulties or those with learning/behavioural disabilities. 

Our Visual Aids are available for purchase through our Online Store.

Below is an example of All Kids Can Swim visual aids images

Teaching focus: Backstroke

1. Float on back 

2. Kick on back                                                                           3. Backstroke

Our Visual Aids are available for purchase through our Online Shop.


This is what Fran Treuen from Aqua Harmony says about All Kids Can Swim visual aids

 "Great job! The children loved trying out these skills."

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